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In response to the growing need for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and support in the geospatial field within the state of Pennsylvania, we propose the establishment of a Pennsylvania Municipal Geospatial Group. This initiative aims to bring together cities, towns, boroughs, authorities, and organizations representing these entities to foster cooperation, innovation, and data-driven decision-making.

This group is open to both the GIS practitioners and the municipal personnel that oversee them.

How We Differ from County-Level Groups

While Pennsylvania already has county-level geospatial groups, our statewide initiative offers several distinct advantages and differences:

  1. Statewide Reach: The statewide scope of our initiative allows us to connect geospatial professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from across Pennsylvania. This broader network will facilitate sharing best practices, resources, and geospatial data more comprehensively than county-level groups.

  2. Municipal Focus: Unlike county-level groups, our initiative is dedicated to municipalities, towns, and their affiliated organizations. This specialized focus will address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by these entities.

  3. Scale and Impact: The statewide initiative can leverage the collective expertise and resources of municipalities, enabling us to take on larger geospatial projects, pursue funding opportunities, and influence statewide geospatial policies.

  4. Knowledge Exchange: By facilitating knowledge exchange between municipalities, we aim to create a dynamic ecosystem where innovative geospatial solutions and best practices can flourish.

Nesting within Keystone GIS

In the initial phase, our initiative will be nested within Keystone GIS, an established and respected geospatial organization in Pennsylvania. This affiliation will offer several benefits:

  • Operational Support: Keystone GIS will provide administrative and operational support for the fledgling nonprofit, including financial management, event coordination, and communication infrastructure.

  • Credibility and Trust: Leveraging Keystone GIS's reputation will help establish trust and credibility with potential members, partners, and sponsors.

  • Smooth Transition: While we plan for the group to operate independently in the future, the partnership with Keystone GIS ensures a smooth transition when the initiative is ready to stand on its own.

**Please Note: While membership to Keystone GIS is encouraged, membership will not be a prerequisite for joining this group.**

To read the initiative in its entirety: PMGP Initiative.docx

To read the letter to the County GIS Pros: PMGP intiative memo.docx

If you are interested and/or ready to join, please click the link below:

Click here for the contact form or scan the QR code!

Please feel free to share this initiative information with anyone that uses GIS at the municipal level. 

If you have any question with this initiative, please contact:

Joe Livoti II

(724) 787-2724

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