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Student Membership

Keystone GIS welcomes and encourages students to participate in all Keystone GIS programs and activities, and to network with all Keystone GIS Members. Therefore, new Student Memberships include the first six months free when you use the Discount Code FREE6! Student members must follow the guidelines below. 

Current and Active Student Definition

All eligibility criteria must be met below:
  • Enrolled at least part-time as a undergraduate or graduate student in a college or university. High school students are also eligible.
  • Not working in a GIS job unrelated to their academics. Students can work part-time in GIS jobs as part of their work study, assistantship, or as an internship, or work full- or part-time in a non-GIS job. A GIS job is a job that uses GIS and/or geospatial and cartographic technologies and tasks as part of the regular responsibilities.
  • A Keystone GIS Member can only be a Student Member for up-to 3 years. After which time they can continue as a General Member.

Student Membership Application

The application for student membership requires students to verify that they are current active student and not working in a GIS position unrelated to their academics.
  • Students must provide the following to verify their student status:
    • Photo of their student ID (optional)
    • School name
    • Degree program
    • A faculty member email who can verify active enrollment
    • Expected graduation date
    • Work status
  • Discount Codes for new student members can be entered at the bottom of the application form page. Discount codes to not apply to renewing students.
  • Keystone GIS will review all student membership applications before approval. If not approved, any payment may be reimbursed or go toward a General Membership.
  • If you are found to be ineligible as a current and active student, Keystone GIS may invoice you for a full General Membership or deny your membership application.
  • Student Members can update their membership level after they are no longer a student at their next renewal.
  • Keystone GIS will continuously monitor Student Memberships to ensure eligibility. If a student member is found to be ineligible, Keystone GIS will update the membership level to the General Membership level, which will require a renewal and payment.

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