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Education Committee


The purpose of the Education Committee is to provide a vehicle for Keystone GIS to educate communities, governments, and corporations in the development of Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS and GIScience, respectively) and GIS data, and to be an advocate and voice for geospatial education within the state. This committee will also focus on Diversity, Equity, or Inclusivity (DEI) issues in geospatial education.


  • Maintain and run the K – 12 ESRI AGOL State Competition.
  • Continue efforts towards all goals and tasks.
  • Establish and maintain a network of educators.
  • Communicate findings on educational GIS programs throughout the state.

Goals and Tasks

  1. Build and maintain a Geospatial Technology Community of K – 12, Community Colleges, 4 year Colleges and Universities, educators, and nontraditional education programs.
  2. Evaluate and publish findings on the Current State of K-12 GIS Education Programs Throughout Pennsylvania
  3. Recommend and support positive changes towards/for K-12 GIS Education Programs Throughout Pennsylvania
  4. Work with educators at all levels to develop programs to Support the creation and continued growth of K-12 GIS Education Programs Throughout Pennsylvania
  5. Work with DEI experts to review, distinguish, and understand current DEI issues in geospatial education, and develop, recommend, and implement solutions.
  6. Establish a basic GIS literacy curriculum for personnel who are not familiar with GIS to become comfortable using the various products provided to them by GIS practitioners.

Committee Members


  • Joseph Livoti
  • Andrew Malmgren


  • James W. Luma

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